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We are a Myanmar company formed by two cousins: a Myanmar citizen and a Myanmar-American.

Dr. Yar Zar Min Htoo

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer


Yar Zar was born and raised in Myanmar and has lived in the country for his entire life. He has medical and computer science degrees and has treated poverty-stricken patients for malaria in Rakhine State with the Myanmar Medical Association (MMA). Yar Zar's LIS and HR software has been in use for three years, with the MMA, the Myanmar Medical Council (MMC), the MMDC and LUDU laboratories, and the University of Medicine (2).


Michael Lwin, Esq.

Co-Founder and Managing Director


Mike is a Myanmar-American, whose parents left Myanmar in the late 1970s for the United States. Mike has worked as an antitrust lawyer at the Washington, D.C. office of Arnold & Porter, a research fellow for Georgetown University, a lecturer at the Peking University School of Transnational Law, an op-ed contributor for Al-Jazeera English (AJE), and a contributing analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit's country reports on Myanmar.


The two first met in Myanmar in 2009, and realized they were kindred spirits -- wanting to help others, especially people in Myanmar. But the political and economic climate was not ripe for action yet, so Mike and Yar Zar spent their free time trading ideas. Mike's interest in Myanmar was particularly piqued when the 2010 elections occurred in Myanmar, and he visited Myanmar frequently thereafter, where he schemed with Yar Zar some more.

Myanmar still has tremendous issues that will take many years and the efforts of many people working together, but in recent years the country has slowly started to open up. In light of these slow changes, in July 2012 Mike got on a plane to Yangon, and Yar Zar and Mike have spent the entire 2012 year setting their schemes into action. In this new age, the two wondered how the ordinary people of Myanmar would fare. They decided to do their best to help out. Yar Zar and Mike set up shop in the diverse neighborhood of Mingala Taung Nyunt and formed the company Koe Koe.

Nearly 100% of Koe Koe's employees (except for Mike!) are citizens of Myanmar from modest socioeconomic backgrounds. Koe Koe's workforce includes Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Burmese, ethnic minorities, and a mix of all of the above -- truly representative of Myanmar's diversity. We are an equal opportunity employer. Training is provided onsite for employees.

Our People

Pa Pa Htoon

Saw Eh Khu

Min Thit Htun

Saw Praise

Jenny Aung

What We Do

Health Information Systems

This is the age of data

We specialize in a variety of information systems. We are developing health information systems for Myanmar healthcare institutions so they can keep track of patient and other kinds of data. We are creating human resource information systems to keep track of doctor entry and retirement.

Mobile Health

Contributing to mobile health

We are developing mobile health apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms to provide importantant health information for Myanmar citizens. Please watch this space for future updates.

Our Work

  • Laboratory Information System (LIS)

    Robust software allows for detailed recordkeeping on a huge variety of tests, diagnoses, and demographic information

    Track test incidence over time, keep detailed figures on test results available with a few mouse clicks, and retain patient demographic information to have a better sense of healthcare demand.

    Enable fast and anonymous patient lab specimen processing with barcodes

    Barcode stickers are placed on each lab specimen test tube, enabling lab technicians to quickly scan the barcode and enter lab test results without revealing the patient's identity, ensuring protection of sensitive patient health information.

  • Hospital Information System (HIS)

    A powerful array of features for your institutional needs

    Our HIS features electronic medical records, which provides many benefits for healthcare providers: (1) enables suitable storage of data, unlike handwritten records, which can be lost or damaged; (2) efficient retrieval of patient records and medical histories through search queries; (3) elimination of redundancies where doctors and staff currently rewrite the same patient information as the patient moves between departments; (4) elimination of errors as patient information can be synchronized and integrated across systems; (5) generation of statistics on patients, healthcare services, and other aspects of healthcare that can be applied to health policy to improve health outcomes.

  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

    Keep track of your employees

    Register your employees in a systematic way. Generate individual and summary reports of employee work histories, qualifications, demographics, performance reviews, existing sanctions, salaries, and any information you deem useful. Keep track of hirings and firings. Use our smartcard system so employees have identification cards with smartchips that keep their data secure.

Our Clients

Press Release

Ooredoo Myanmar Releases Details on the Application Development with Koe Koe Tech and Population Services International

Ooredoo Myanmar Releases Details on the Development of the Maternal and Child Health Application that in Partnership with Koe Koe Tech and Population Services International Will Bring Benefits to Women and Children across Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar

Ooredoo Myanmar is working with Population Services International (PSI) and Koe Koe Tech, a local start-up company, to create a Maternal and Child Health application. It is going to be a huge benefit to the women and children of Myanmar, as 70% of births occur without a professional medical service.

Koe Koe Tech is a local based company that creates Health Information Systems and contributes to the use of Mobile Health in Myanmar. Dr. Yar Zar Min Htoo is a Myanmar citizen who has a degree in medicine and diploma in information technology and Michael Lwin is a Myanmar-American who has worked as an antitrust lawyer, research fellow, lecturer, and an analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit on Myanmar. They co-founded Koe Koe Tech in 2012. Koe Koe Tech tries to hire from many religions and ethnicities to represent the diversity of Myanmar.

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